Friday Tractor Registry


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Friday tractors

George Randall Pulling With Friday 5804 Super Heavy Duty.


Serial number 5804 pulling at the annual tractor pull at Bennington, VT September 2005.

I'm trying to locate, photograph and document all existing Friday tractors regardless of condition or location.

If you own a Friday with or without a serial number, or know someone who owns one, please contact me, as I am attempting to do a registry and have it published.

This site will be active for two (2) years from August 2004. I will supply all of the film and will cover all postage and developing costs if you will take the pictures. I will also cover the costs of hiring an independent photographer in your area to photograph your tractor. I am also looking for pictures from yesteryear that show the Friday tractor at work.

Please email me at:

for immediate inquiries.

I can also be reached:

George A. Randallers
76 Taylor Street
Granby, MA 01043-9530
tel: 613-437-9541 home

I have sent many letters to known Friday tractor owners across the United States and Canada. The response has been very positive.

Thank you for visiting. Tell your friends about this site. Maybe they know someone who owns a Friday tractor.